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Pygmy Loans is home of the short term loan.


We’re all about helping people get back on their feet. We know how stressful it can be making ends meet in a volatile economy. Living paycheck to paycheck sometimes can seem like the end of the world, especially at those times when it just isn’t enough.


Our Mission


Pygmy wants to help out before you fall off the financial cliff because you suddenly need cash. Our loans are discreet, fast, don’t require a lot of information and are not determined by your credit history. We can get much needed cash to you anywhere between an hour and a day. We’re not about a long, drawn out application and approval process that’s not going to alleviate the fact you need cash now. If you need quick money, contact Pygmy Loans right away and we’ll help you with your financial woes.


What Can You Do With a Gecko Loan?


Anything you want. Unlike a traditional loan, you don’t need to justify why you need the money. Use it to get the car engine you need for work repaired. Take it and buy groceries or new school uniforms for the kids. Let it help you pay the overdue petrol bill or buy the spouse a smashing anniversary gift. Take care of that leaky roof, fix the air conditioner or take a holiday. You can even put it aside for a rainy day. Our sole purpose is to get that money to you so you can feel a little better.


The Short Term Loan


These loans have grown in popularity over the last few years. With so many people struggling with bad credit and/or making ends meet alongside banks unable to help when it’s needed most, Pygmy Loans fills the void.


These loans are a financial solution available to almost anyone, even with bad credit. Once we’ve verified some basic information about you such as proof of residence, age, valid employment and banking information, it’ll only be a few minutes before the approval process is completed. There is no paperwork. Everything can be done from the comfort of your computer.


Pygmy Loans


Our loan specialists are available every day of the week. There are no hidden fees or costs. No one is going to call you with solicitations. There will be no follow-up emails. We have done everything we can to make our process simple and private. And best of all, there is no limit to how many times you can turn to Pygmy Loans for financial help. As long as you pay us on time and there’s no outstanding debt, we will gladly provide you with another loan.


Pygmy Loans offers the kind of financial relief that everyone needs at one time or another. If you require some quick cash, go ahead and fill out the application and have that money in your bank account in no time.